Last month at Blackhat Arsenal 2015, Pete and I presented on Serpico. This was our second time at Arsenal. Yet again, awesome people, great venue, and overall a highlight for me of BH/DC/LV. We got some excellent feedback on the project, so thank you to anyone who stopped by.

Last year I posted the top 3 feature requests and we squashed them (woot!). These are requested features/bugs this year and their associated issue on github:

Fix Image Breakage in Presentations

Automated Presentation creation was added the week before and had a rather embarassing stack trace in certain combinations; this was fixed in this commit


More than a few people asked for more correlation; “Support Findings Trending” (Issue 25).

Wiki Additions

Add the following information to the wiki:

  • Report Creation Example
  • Presentation Creation
  • Export/Import Examples

Submit To Kali

Here is the submission: New Tool Request: SERPICO