SSRF Protocol Smuggling in Plaintext Credential Handlers : LDAP

SSRF protocol smuggling involves an attacker injecting one TCP protocol into a dissimilar TCP protocol. A classic example is using gopher (i.e. the first protocol) to smuggle SMTP (i.e. the second protocol):

gopher:// ....

The keypoint above is the use of the CRLF character (i.e. %0D%0A) which breaks up the commands of the second protocol. This attack is only possible with the ability to inject CRLF characters into a protocol.

Almost all LDAP client libraries support plaintext authentication or a non-ssl simple bind. For example, the following is an LDAP authentication example using Python 2.7 and the python-ldap library:

import ldap
conn = ldap.initialize("ldap://[SERVER]:[PORT]")
conn.simple_bind_s("[USERNAME]", "[PASSWORD]")

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odle: piping security data

I recently published odle which is a Ruby gem and binary that takes XML data from various security tools and outputs their JSON equivalent. The goal is to be (1) simple, (2) fast, and (3) work on many platforms with only one dependency – nokogiri.

Below are two examples using odle to convert output from one tool (e.g. burpsuite) as input for something else (e.g. nmap scans).

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